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"The true power lies in the one who surrenders. "


Those who are already on a spiritual path, and seeking a deeper understanding of surrender. Those who are seeking an unshakable internal peace and are ready for deep teachings on personal liberation, in this over-stimulating mind-based world we live in.

We all have an idea of how we think life “should” go. We also have an idea of how we think other people in our lives “should” show up. When life or those people don't meet those expectations we experience a plethora of painful feelings. We subtly try to damage control our life and those around us, especially when it comes to relationships or intimacy.

When we are constantly in a state of trying to CONTROL or MANAGE our lives, we are wasting precious time and energy when we could ACTUALLY be enjoying and living life. Honestly it’s costing us our health, relationships, sexual satisfaction, and even following our PURPOSE.

Most people don’t realize that you can learn all the fancy techniques in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, but the most powerful tool to master is the art of surrender.


Because surrender is the missing link to having deeply fulfilling relationships and transformational sexual experiences. Being stuck in your head is usually the number one BIGGEST reason you are not able to fully experience your sexual energy. I found that the path to living a life full of PLEASURE and EASE is through the deep practice of LETTING GO.


Let me ask you...

Do you feel like you have a lot of relationships, but no real depth or intimacy?


Are your relationships suffering because you have a desire to connect yet you are always elsewhere, caught in endless thoughts?


Ever feel like you need to relax and let go, but you just can loosen the grip and put it all down, out of fear everything will fall apart without you holding it all together?


Do you find yourself making lists, seeking solutions to problems, or trying to control situations or circumstances?


Do you find yourself being a slave to your task list and you feel like you have to constantly be in a state of "doing" or "getting stuff done" only to leave you overworked, drained but somehow not really going anywhere?


Do you feel like running away, hiding, or reaching for distractions when you feel sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed, jealous, or other uncomfortable feelings?

In this All-Day workshop intensive, you will learn practical tools to apply to your life so you can:

  • Experience life full of energy, enthusiasm, no matter what’s going on around you.

  • Identify and release the patterns that have been controlling you so you can relax and feel more pleasure.

  • Learn how to be with the discomfort so even the challenging times in life can be rich and enjoyable.

  • Rewire your system to deal with the stress with less effort and emotional pain.

  • Receive tools to let go of expectations, stories you’ve made up, and the pain of the past.

  • Find your calm center, so you can gain access to clarity, wisdom, and unlimited guidance.

  • Feel comfortable in navigating difficult relationships and intimacy.

  • Become a better lover by creating deeper presence with yourself and your partner.

  • Have better sex thats deeply connected and rejuvenating to the entire relationship so intimacy becomes the glue that holds it together.

  • Enjoy access to endless amounts of pleasure and connection to your own sexual energy so you can be turned on and lit up, with or without a partner.

Over the two days together we create a safe container to explore the deeper layers of ourselves. There will be transmissions, meditations, exercises, and other guided experiences— all to support you to loosen the grip, free yourself, and access your own PLEASURE PATHWAY. If you are ready to free yourself from the stress of over controlling and the constant stream of thoughts that keeps you from true intimacy, this is the perfect event for you!



11am-7pm on Saturday December 7th


Located Experience Oasis - 11059 Dutton dr. La Mesa CA 91941.

Oasis is a intentional micro-community with gorgeous mountain views.

***It’s at the very dead end of Dutton Drive, past the very last telephone pole on the right, down the steep driveway, last Grey house at the bottom. Can also park along left side of Dutton drive for easier in and out.



Journal, Water bottle, any snacks you prefer and what ever else you may need to be comfortable.



Gourmet organic, gluten free, vegan meals will be catered by Amanda North with True North Catering .

Menu: TBA

Lunch will be provided on Saturday

Snacks and Tea will be available throughout.



As well as a conduit for healing, Makena is a visionary and thought leader in new-paradigm relating, intimacy, sacred sexuality, and emotional freedom. She is an inspiration and permission-giver for owning your authentic magic and radical self-expression. Makena is known or creating sacred space for fluid sexuality, self-love, and body acceptance. Makena supports people get out of their busy heads, remove any shame, guilt and fear, and uncover their wild passion to create the deeply satisfying intimacy and relationships they crave.

Makena is a Dakini, Intimacy and Spirituality Coach using Tantra, energetics, and integrative approaches to coaching. She is also a certified Tantric Facilitator and Holistic Health Practitioner and helps her clients improve their intimacy, sexual energy, and emotional intelligence to unite Spirit and Sexuality in the body. She specializes in Women’s Sacred Sexual Healing and Embodiment. She currently offers private coaching intensives, ceremonies, workshops, and expressive arts. Her current projects include transformational re-wilding retreats, a book of Ecosexual transmissions, and the creation of a sustainable intentional permaculture community that’s based in sex-positivity, self-expression, queer/ new-paradigm relating.

FB: Makena Andrews


Intimate container so space is limited to 15 participants. Get your tickets as it will go fast!

Investment: ONLY $297!

*All genders and/or identities welcome!

Please contact me with any questions and inquiries!

With Love,

Makena Andrews

book your free 
20 Minute
call to see if this event is a fit for you!


"Makena masterfully holds space for whatever arises and skillfully helps move and release the energies and emotions that emerge. She did a fantastic job helping me feel at ease and able to be fully self expressed through creating a sound container of integrity and professionalism. Her playful presence allows the inner child to feel welcome and safe. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Makena."  


"My time with Makena has been one of the most profound experiences. This was my first session of this kind and it was nothing short of transformational. I laughed, I cried, I felt euphoric at times, while Makena stayed in tune and professional the whole time. I will absolutely get another session by Makena and have a whole new view on my sacred energy! "   

Chantel P.

"Makena was powerfully transformative in my life. I experienced the deepest unconditional love I have felt in my life so far. And I learned to find my voice and my *root* chakra energy. Through voice and breathwork. And overcoming fear and shyness with the power of asking and feeling what I really want in each situation (not what I think the other person wants me to want).


My sessions with her were healing and she takes such care to prepare everything and do everything with a purity that is so needed and appreciated. She frequently checked in with me in the time between the sessions, and always encouraged me to dig deeper into my feelings and body and find the roots of what I was experiencing in my day to do life.


I trust her and am thankful for meeting her and having learned from her. She is so loving and fires you up in the best way."

Ned M

"Even just talking to her, Makena creates a safe space for communicating your joys and fears guiding you to a path of self love and enlightenment. She is a treasure to witness and be witnessed by." 



Please do not ask for illegal services. I do not have sexual relations with my clients. I am an educated Intimacy Coach and guide. I both honor and require mutual respect. These sessions involve exploring your own sexual spiritual connection and learning how to bring an expanded experience of bliss into your life. I cater my services to sincere individuals seeking conscious healing and bliss. Your donation is exchange for Tantra Counseling, Intimacy Coaching, and Energy Healing services. This is not a solicitation for sexual services and not an escort offering.