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Therapeutic Touch: My Approach

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

By, Makena Andrews, 2017

Craving more physical touch in your life? Do you seek comfort, safety, to be seen, or a place to simply be accepted and loved just as you are?

Explore the benefits of transformative touch through platonic cuddling!


I'm passionate about creating that safe, nurturing, and supportive space to "just be", so you can feel held while you heal, grow, and transform. I promote the power of play, exploration, and the ease and freedom of childlike joy. As a Touch/ Consent Specialist, Intimacy Coach, Energy Worker, and Holistic Health Practitioner, I love to empower my clients to find their voice to begin creating the most vibrant and fulfilling life imaginable!

Sometimes we get caught up in the busy of things that we forget to breathe, relax, and take care of ourselves, and our needs. I truly believe that physical touch is an underestimated basic human need that our society has conditioned us to fear using messages of unsafety and separation. My wish is that each individual feels at home and safe in their own body and that feeling extend out into their life, and into the world.

Touch is an essential part of the human experience and the most natural expression of the unconditional love that we ALL deserve.

Therapeutic platonic touch fills this need for belonging, safety, and love that reconnects us to others. But most importantly it brings us back into our bodies to reconnect with the ourselves on a deep and profoundly transformative way!


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