Let's discover new, radical ways of relating

that expands all possibilities— that's about healing, growing, evolving, and expanding. And creating intimacy that feels fulfilling, deep, and delicious!"     


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estranged, alone, unappreciated, stuck, confused, stressed, tense, repressed, lost, frustrated, annoyed, and blocked


honored, appreciated, connected, safe, secure, loved, seen and heard, supported, free, liberated, at ease, relaxed, adaptable, confidant, wildly passionate, and juicy?

Do you feel there is more to your sexuality than you are currently experiencing?

Do you desire more true intimacy?

Tired and done with trying one thins that just don't work?

Ready to try something totally different?

If so, I invite you to come on a journey with Makena for a conscious, compassionate, supportive, heart centered, and Tantric look at your relationship with your beloved or beloveds. You can change your life if you are ready to toss out all the old ways that just don't work and exploring RADICAL NEW WAYS to connect!

You don't have to do it alone. 


Together we will create the framework of deep safety and trust, so you can come into your bodies, cultivate clarity and understanding, and move through blocks to open yourself up to experience true intimacy. Learn tools to call in or cultivate those deep and delicious relationships! 

Take your first steps and connect with me now!



You will be able to…

  • Make better life choices for you and your relationships. 

  • Uncover what intimacy means to you.

  • How to customize relationships to support your growth.

  • Learn how to cultivate deeper sexual connection with yourself and your partners(s).

  • Learn how to infuse your life and relationships with pleasure, trust, and safety and passion.

  • Create and enjoy the ease clear, loving, and compassionate communication.

  • Learn about Tantra and the connections to your energetic self.

  • Unearth any traumas or wounds, and finally heal them so you feel free to love and be intimate in whole new ways!

  • Remove any shame, fear, or guilt around your sexuality or intimacy.

  • Explore your true wants and desires in powerful healthy ways.

  • Learn how to ask for what you want and need.

  • Explore new ways you can feel and embody pleasure with yourself and others!

  • Discover how to grow spiritually while being in a supportive, co-creative partnership.

  • Make life-changing shifts that will transform your love life.

  • Create a new reality of expansion, growth, and pleasure!

Believe me when I say, these things are possible!

Access true intimacy with yourself and your loved ones!

Don't wait a moment longer! It's time.


"My time with Makena has been one of the most profound experiences. This was my first session of this kind and it was nothing short of transformational. I laughed, I cried, I felt euphoric at times, while Makena stayed in tune and professional the whole time. I will absolutely get another session by Makena and have a whole new view on my sacred energy! "          -Chantel

"Makena masterfully holds space for whatever arises and skillfully helps move and release the energies and emotions that emerge. She did a fantastic job helping me feel at ease and able to be fully self expressed through creating a sound container of integrity and professionalism. Her playful presence allows the inner child to feel welcome and safe. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Makena."  - RK

Even just talking to her, Makena creates a safe space for communicating your joys and fears guiding you to a path of self love and enlightenment. She is a treasure to witness and be witnessed by." -Wesleigh



For Couples on the Journey of Intimacy

These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work with a Tantric Intimacy Coach who utilizes spiritual partnership coaching and Tantric ritual and counseling to assist you and your beloved in purging stagnation and blocks to ignite deep connection.


Exploring spiritual partnership, Tantric rituals, sacred sexual healing, intimacy cultivation, energy work and Tantric counseling.


For Individuals on the Journey of Intimacy

Using the profound tools of Tantric ritual, sacred sexual healing, intimacy cultivation, energy work, and Tantric counseling, these sessions offer the opportunity to confront patterns and traumas while being held in safe loving presence.


Sessions with a female practitioner go deep into old rooted patterns, stories, and traumas opening your body to start experiencing your bliss!

*Specialize in Queer and non-ordinary dynamics of identity, sexuality, and relationship. Proudly welcome all genders, identities and orientations including queer and polyamorous.


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How can I best serve you?

What's right for you? Can I help? How do you know? Where do you start? 

So many questions. I understand. So, let’s create some CLARITY for you! We will have a no-obligation conversation and see if my expertise fits with your concerns and needs, while answering all your questions. Let’s get together for a clarifying

20 minute consultation. There is no charge for this first visit!


Please do not ask for illegal services. I do not have sexual relations with my clients. I am an educated Intimacy Coach and guide. I both honor and require mutual respect. These sessions involve exploring your own sexual spiritual connection and learning how to bring an expanded experience of bliss into your life. I cater my services to sincere individuals seeking conscious healing and bliss. Your donation is exchange for Tantra Counseling, Intimacy Coaching, and Energy Healing services. This is not a solicitation for sexual services and not an escort offering.


Questions or Comments?

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*Please include your phone number and the best time to reach you. Feel free to message me with detailed comments, questions, or concerns. Blessings!

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Disclaimer of Health Care Related Services

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