" Before my session I was feeling stressed and ungrounded. After, I felt in my body, my shoulders released and I felt happier than I had in a long while.”

Karen S., San Diego, CA

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Meet the Practitioner duo, Makena, and Soleiman. Let’s have a conversation and see if our expertise fits with your concerns and needs. Let’s get together for 20 minute consultation. There is no charge for your first visit.

Tantra Intimacy Journey for Couples


These sessions provide a unique opportunity to work with a Tantric Intimacy Coach who utilizes spiritual partnership coaching and tantric ritual and counseling to assist you and your beloved in purging stagnation and blocks to ignite deep connection.


Exploring spiritual partnership, tantric rituals, sacred sexual healing, intimacy cultivation, energy work and Tantric counseling, a customized intimacy journey includes 6 sessions.

Begin a Tantra Intimacy Journey for you and your loved one today!

Experience all the transformational benefits with 6, two hour sessions over the course of 2-3 remarkable months.

* Not sure a journey is right for you? Inquire about individual sessions for individuals and couples.

Read Blog on Tantra for Women and Tantra for the Divine Masculine before inquiries.


Tantra Intimacy Journey for Individuals


Want more intimacy in your life? Want to learn more tools to call in or cultivate those deep and delicious relationships?


Using the profound tools of tantric ritual, sacred sexual healing, intimacy cultivation, energy work, and Tantric counseling, these sessions offer the opportunity to confront patterns and traumas while being held in safe loving presence.


Sessions with a female practitioner go deep into old rooted patterns, stories, and traumas opening your body to start experiencing your bliss! The journey includes 6 transformational sessions.

The journey consists of 6, two hour sessions over the course of 2-3 months.

*Not sure a journey is right for you? Inquire about individual sessions.


Read Blog on Tantra for Men and/ or Tantra for Women before inquiries.


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Please do not ask for illegal services. I do not have sexual relations with my clients. I am an educated Sacred Sexual Counselor , Professional Cuddler, and guide. I both honor and require mutual respect. These sessions involve exploring your own sexual spiritual connection and learning how to bring an expanded experience of bliss into your life. I cater my services to sincere individuals seeking conscious healing and bliss. Your donation is exchange for Tantra Counseling, Sacred Sexual guidance, Professional Cuddling, and energy healing services. This is not a solicitation for sexual services and not an escort offering.


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Disclaimer of Health Care Related Services

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