My mission is to guide you into your Spiritual Awakening, Sexual Liberation, and Divine WHOLENESS."   -Makena


Hi Love,

I'm Makena. Most wouldn’t guess, but it used to feel impossible for me to look at myself in the mirror. I used to feel so uncomfortable in my body that I hated myself, and felt completely alone, disconnected from myself, others and Nature.

It was a long journey of healing and liberation. I can say I tasted my darkness and turned it into gold. Taking the first step and committing was the best thing I ever did. 


Now, I support other women who the feel shame, guilt, and fear blocking their expression, emotions, and sexual life force. 


I’m interested in creating a movement of FULLY EXPRESSED, WILD and DELICIOUS women who have integrated both the feminine and masculine into one whole being. They are undeniably CONFIDENT, comfortable in their skin, experiencing the full range of PLEASURE and PASSION -- so they can show up in clear alignment for their bigger PURPOSE in this world.

I really do believe we ALL have access to that freedom, because it’s our natural birthright.


I work with everyone but I specialize and specifically enjoy working with the feminine to open, release, and step into her wild power.


I know this, you were born for PLEASURE—and once you open your channel, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!

Contact me today to join the movement!

With Gratitude,


Passionate About Inspiring Others 

Makena is an Intuitive Seer,  Shamanic Guide, and Channel specializing in spirituality and sexual liberation. As well as a Dakini and conduit for healing, she is a visionary and thought leader in new-paradigm relating, intimacy, sacred sexuality, and emotional freedom. She is an inspiration and permission-giver for owning your authentic magic and radical self-expression. Makena is known for creating sacred space for fluid sexuality, self-love, and body acceptance. She helps conscious leaders remove the shame, guilt, and fear holding them back from tapping into their sexual life force energy— so they can become the fully-expressed, passionate world-changers they know they are meant to be! 


She is certified as a Tantric Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, and Holistic Health Practitioner using Tantra, energetics, shamanic ritual, and integrative coaching to support the journey of a fragmented soul into wholeness.


She currently offers private coaching, Soul Retrieval Intensives, ceremonies, workshops, and expressive arts. Her current projects include transformational re-wilding retreats for women, a book of Ecosexual transmissions, and the creation of a sustainable intentional permaculture community that’s based in sex-positivity, self-expression, queer/ new-paradigm relating.

"I've been where you have been- lost, suffering, seeking change and don't know where to start. I've also journeyed to where you are craving to get to- overcoming my blockages, loving life and feeling free! Let me help light the way." -Makena

  • Spirituality & Intimacy Coaching

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Tantra Facilitator

  • Touch/ Consent Specialist

  • Holistic Health Practitioner

  • Energy Worker/ Reiki Practitioner

  • Nutritional Counselor

  • Herbalist

  • Shamanic Ritual/Channeling

  • Expressive Arts/ Movement

  • Womens Sacred Sexual Healing

  • Neo Tantra

  • Intimacy/Spiritual Partnership Expert

  • Ecosexuality

  • Queer/Non-ordinary Sexuality and Relating

"Don't ask what the world wants from you, ask what makes you more alive because what the world really needs is people who are more alive." ~Lawrence LeShan


Please do not ask for illegal services. I do not have sexual relations with my clients. I am an educated Intimacy Coach and guide. I both honor and require mutual respect. These sessions involve exploring your own sexual spiritual connection and learning how to bring an expanded experience of bliss into your life. I cater my services to sincere individuals seeking conscious healing and bliss. Your donation is exchange for Tantra Counseling, Intimacy Coaching, and Energy Healing services. This is not a solicitation for sexual services and not an escort offering.


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