Are you tired of the shame, guilt, and fear holding you back from being the 

sexually liberated,


and spiritually connected

woman you were born to be?

What clients are saying

"Makena masterfully holds space for whatever arises and skillfully helps move and release the energies and emotions that emerge. She did a fantastic job helping me feel at ease and able to be fully self expressed through creating a sound container of integrity and professionalism. Her playful presence allows the inner child to feel welcome and safe. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Makena."  


"My time with Makena has been one of the most profound experiences. This was my first session of this kind and it was nothing short of transformational. I laughed, I cried, I felt euphoric at times, while Makena stayed in tune and professional the whole time. I will absolutely get another session by Makena and have a whole new view on my sacred energy! "   

Chantel P.

"Makena was powerfully transformative in my life. I experienced the deepest unconditional love I have felt in my life so far. And I learned to find my voice and my *root* chakra energy. Through voice and breathwork. And overcoming fear and shyness with the power of asking and feeling what I really want in each situation (not what I think the other person wants me to want).


My sessions with her were healing and she takes such care to prepare everything and do everything with a purity that is so needed and appreciated. She frequently checked in with me in the time between the sessions, and always encouraged me to dig deeper into my feelings and body and find the roots of what I was experiencing in my day to do life.


I trust her and am thankful for meeting her and having learned from her. She is so loving and fires you up in the best way."

Ned M

"Even just talking to her, Makena creates a safe space for communicating your joys and fears guiding you to a path of self love and enlightenment. She is a treasure to witness and be witnessed by." 



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What's right for you? Can I help? How do you know? Where do you start? 

So many questions. I understand. So, let’s create some CLARITY for you! We will have a no-obligation conversation and see if my expertise fits with your concerns and needs, while answering all your questions. Let’s get together for a clarifying 20 minute consultation. There is no charge for this first visit!


Curious if you are...

  • Tired of sacrificing your passion and pleasure for success, and are ready to have it all?

  • Craving a more intimate connection to life through your own sexuality, relationships to others, and connection to Nature(Spirit)? 

  • Done shoving down your sexual expression and emotions? 

  • Ready to discover what’s in the way to finally remove the blocks and step into the magical flow of your life force?

Hi, I'm Makena!

I'm, interested in creating a movement of fully EXPRESSED, WILD, and DELICIOUS women who have integrated both the feminine and masculine into one whole being.


IMAGINE being undeniably and unapologetically CONFIDENT, COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN, and having ACCESS to the full POWER of your PLEASURE and PASSION so you can show up in clear alignment to your true PURPOSE!

I really do believe we ALL have access to that freedom, simply because it's our natural birthright.

"You were born for PLEASURE, and once you open your channel, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible!"




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